Fragrance Du Bois’ Ethically-Sourced Oud Intense Is More Than A Perfume


Fragrance Du Bois at Scotts Square

Fragrance Du Bois’ latest edition will be pretty diabolical. The aptly named Oud Intense could very well be an understatement, for the powerful perfume is more than a bold statement. For Nicola Parker, Brand Director of Fragrance Du Bois, Oud Intense is the perfect accompaniment for somebody who wants to convey power and that extra “oomph”. Like all perfumes by Fragrance Du Bois, Oud Intense can be layered with other fragrances for a unique scent, though it stands perfectly on its own. Its distinctly woody aroma blends with a touch of fresh spice, and gradually reveals a fascinating complexity unique to smoky, oud-based perfumes.

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Aside from its exclusivity, the main draw of Fragrance Du Bois’ perfumes, is the star ingredient: oud oil. Oud is derived from agarwood, which is exceedingly rare – leading to the fact that it commands a high price. Crafted by fifth generation perfumers from the 17th Century French tradition of Grasse, every scent by Fragrance Du Bois is potent and luxurious, and also ethically and sustainably sourced. All the Oud used by the niche luxury perfume house is produced on its own sustainably managed plantations.

“I'd spray an extra spritz of Oud Intense when I'm going for an important meeting as opposed to taking a morning stroll,” Parker explains. “The permutations are almost endless; limited only by the individual's imagination.”

Oud Intense, which is currently only available in Europe, is only expected to reach Singapore stores this September. The edition will be available for S$620 (15ml). 

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But what about picking out your very own signature scent? Given the endless varieties and brands, maybe picking out a single scent can be daunting. Parker thinks, however, that nobody should feel constrained by having just one fragrance.

“I think you have to consider what your lifestyle is,” Parker tells us. “I think the fragrance you would probably wear to work would be different to the one you might wear on the weekend or in the evening. A fragrance says a lot about you; if you are going to a heavy meeting where you need to feel powerful I think that a fragrance can actually give you confidence and make you feel very good.”

She adds, “One of our perfumers that we work very closely with always liked to say that if you can smell a fragrance on yourself, it doesn’t suit you. But if you can’t smell it on yourself, then it is working very well on your skin.”

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“There really is no greater compliment than someone saying “wow” and asking what fragrance you are wearing that they have never smelt before. It’s like the new kind of designer handbag or shoe of the moment that will turn people’s heads – with your new fragrance.”

“I don’t think there are any definite rules, rather it’s trying different fragrances and seeing how they work on you,” she concludes. “While all our fragrances are unisex, we have this fragrance called Oud Violet which I personally think works great on men. It just seems to have something in it that makes it smells better on a man’s skin as opposed to say, when I wore it. I think you need to be brave and try [different fragrances], but you need to understand how they work for you. Being different now is a huge consideration – not just to run with the pack.”

Fragrance Du Bois has recently relocated to Scotts Square in Orchard, following a series of successful pop-up stores and its debut Singapore flagship at The Fullerton Hotel, where Fragrance Du Bois was located for three years.

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