Here Are All The “Ugly” Fashion Trends We’re Trying This Season

It's no secret that It’s cool to be uncool, and that’s why we can’t wait to try out these unconventional fashion trends ASAP.

fashion trends

Remember when the glossy pages of fashion magazines were filled with dos and don’ts on how to dress to flatter your body type? These fashion rules were practically sacred, and colouring outside of the lines was considered blasphemy – unless you were one of those cool alternative kids.

These days, the opposite is true. It’s never been cooler to be uncool. Ever since normcore burst onto the scene, the fashion world has been enamoured by “ugly” (we say unconventional) fashion trends that subvert antiquated rules of dressing. Chunky orthopedic sneakers, baseball caps and cargo pants were co-opted by the stylish crowd and became cool (again).

But these examples have already been integrated into mainstream fashion. This season, we want to take things a step further by wearing a new wave of “ugly” fashion trends. Scroll through the gallery to see some of the trends we’ve picked out, and try them out for yourselves before everyone else hops onto the bandwagon.

fashion trends

Printed Bucket Hats

When members of EXO wore bucket hats in their 2014 music video “Overdose”, fans were appalled. In hindsight, the K-Pop band’s stylists were truly ahead of their time, because bold printed bucket hats (as seen here at Etro) are starting to gain traction. It’s obnoxious enough to annoy uptight OLs who refuse to be considerate on public transport, and keep the sun off our faces. What’s not to love?

fashion trends

Lug-soled boots

Combat boots, specifically ones from Dr. Martens, have long been associated with the working class counter-culture. And if there’s one thing the fashion set loves, it’s to take a walk on the wild side without actually getting down and dirty. No printer, just fax. Fake that extra bit of cool by donning a pair of lug-soled boots. Stomp on rude aunties who cut queues as seen at Prada. We bet it’s a hundred times more practical that those thigh high boots that were all the rage not that long ago.

fashion trends

Patterned stockings

Tattoo stockings were pretty huge back in 2012, especially if you were into Japanese fashion. Magazines like KERA and Zipper, as well as street style sites like TokyoFashion, were filled with models wearing different kinds of patterned stockings. It’s been a good 7 years since then, and we think that the trend is ready to make a comeback, especially if Rodarte is anything to go by. Start small with a pair of lace-patterned stockings, and then graduate to a pair adorned with a Michelangelo painting. No, really, that’s a thing.

fashion trends

Power shoulders

We can’t help but to think that the bubble sleeve trend was a primer for this: 80s power shoulders. Is it dramatic and kind of impractical? Yes. Will it instill fear and confusion in the hearts of inferior men? Also yes. Take a cue from Balenciaga and bust out those Cyndi Lauper tunes. Oh and get your shoulder pads ready.

fashion trends

Oversized grandpa pants

Oversized streetwear fits and slouchy suits are a dime a dozen these days, so why not combine the two and add in a pair of suspenders (as seen at Gucci) while you’re at it? Taehyung, member of K-Pop band BTS, has certainly taken a liking to this trend, and we bet it’ll be everywhere on the streets of Fashion Week before you know it.

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