How To Tailor Your Skincare Based On Your Travel Destination’s Climate

When we travel, we pack our outfits according to the climate, so why not our skincare? Here’s when and what to use to get your complexion healthy and balanced no matter where you are.

Hot, Dry Climates


If you have… Dry Skin

It’s easy to get dehydrated in such weather. To prevent that, use a rich moisturiser like a hydrating serum. Try adding a lightweight sheet or gel mask into your regime to further nourish your skin. Avoid harsh products like scrubs as they might cause sensitivity.

If you have… Combination Skin

As with drier complexions, skin can get dehydrated quickly in hot climates. Layer on your moisturiser generously, but avoid heavy textures to prevent excess shine.

If you have… Oily Skin

In dry climates, even oily skin types can suffer from dehydration; which often results in an overproduction of sebum. Avoid heavy, waxy or oily textured moisturisers as they might end up clogging pores. Instead, go for gel creams. Also try to exfoliate to prevent clogged pores and acne.

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Hot, Humid Climates


If you have… Dry Skin

Because the humidity in the air will help keep skin from dehydrating, a hydrating serum layered under a regular moisturiser is enough to keep your complexion in good condition.

If you have… Combination Skin

In these climates, go for a hydrating serum and a lightweight moisturiser. If your complexion starts to look oily, skip the serum and just use a gel or light cream.

If you have… Oily Skin

While humid climates are generally kinder to complexions, they can also cause such skin types to breakout more easily. To prevent that, exfoliate regularly and use light, water-based products. You can also try to add in sebum control products into your regime.

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Cold, Dry Climates


If you have… Dry Skin

These types of climates are the harshest on the complexion. The cold slows down sebum production which will further dry out skin. To combat this, use a hydrating serum before a richer cream to protect your skin. Also try to avoid exfoliation as it can irritate skin that is already sensitised to the weather.

If you have… Combination Skin

Even if you don’t have dry skin, these climates can still be extremely harsh. Continue to use a rich moisturiser but apply more sparingly on oily areas like the T-zone.

If you have… Oily Skin

This skin type is the most resilient. To keep skin fresh and protected, just use a medium textured moisturiser and reapply when needed.

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Other Useful Tips


Avoiding applying too much makeup in hot climates as the heat will open up pores. This can cause makeup particles to get trapped in them, resulting in breakouts, clogged pores and a dull complexion. If you have to apply makeup, go for more lightweight textures with skincare benefits. Also try not to indulge in hot showers in cold, dry climates as that can exacerbate dryness.

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