[VIDEO] How to Fold Pocket Squares: The Three Stairs Fold



Prestigious Bespoke boutique manager Alvin returns in this series to demonstrate the exact steps in achieving the perfect pocket square. This week, we look at the Three Stairs Fold, an elegant piece that gives your laidback suit jacket a touch of sophistication.

The three stairs fold may be one of the more challenging folds, but when executed well, can give your jacket an excellent edge. Patterns ideal for this particular fold include polka dots and paisleys. Geometric patterns also work extremely well with this fold, giving a stunning contrast. Because of the many folds involved in the three stairs fold, beginners should use a stiffer fabric in linen or cotton. You can also choose to slightly starch the fabric for a better hold.

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Pocket squares may seem subtle, but their ability to add that noteworthy finishing touch to your suit is arguably, quite impressive. From afar it seems deceptively simple; up close even more so, and to the untrained eye, one might not even notice the presence of pocket squares.

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If you do notice an impeccably folded pocket square, you might be fooled into thinking that complicated fold can be executed only with the most skilfull hands, but we say – don’t be fooled! Stylish it may be but most complex looking pocket squares are far from the complexity they appear to have.

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