Insider's Picks: 4 Dreamy Fragrances for Date Night

It was Christian Dior who once said, “A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.”

Indeed, one shouldn’t quite underestimate the power of scent. An odorous being might be left with no friends just as easily as one who piles on the bottle a little too generously. On the flip side, one who emits no odor will certainly leave no impression. Want to leave a lasting impression? Then check these ones out:

Sweet Petals


Jo Malone’s Nashi Blossom limited edition bottle signifies the start of spring, as fittingly as the Japanese Nashi blossom it was named after. Just like the unique fruit’s quirky apple-pear appearance and sweet-smelling flesh, the fragrance unveils in a fascinating petal pop, floral explosion, and in the bottle’s unique polka dots, in the style of the elegant, speckled Nashi blossom’s own.

Richly Tantalizing


Maybe you are someone who values thousands of years of fine perfumery, or maybe you just want something sans alcohol. Despite its tantalizing richchness, Fragrance Du Bois’ Lite Attars still manages a subtle aura, and wearers can bank on the long-lasting scent which matures throughout the day in a captivating progression. The natural, entirely pure blends are a thoughtful extension of a lush variety of herbs, spices and flowers’ essences, and are presented in a regal velvet box.

Leather Fanatic


It’s been a good 70 years since the Maison has released a scent, and this one is worth all its anticipation. Yet to arrive in stores this September, Louis Vuitton’s Les Parfums is a result of four long years, and would be somewhat an extension of the Maison’s trunk-making heritage and DNA, from its refined natural leather notes to its sensual blend of magnolia, May rose, Chinese osmanthus, and Arabian jasmine Sambac.

A Million Bucks


This one’s for the show-stoppers, or those who just love a lot of bling on their makeup desk. DKNY Golden Delicious's dominant notes of apple, sandalwood and white musk couldn’t compete with the extravagant bottle, whose 183 yellow sapphires, 2,700 white diamonds and 4 rose cut diamonds are just a slice of 2,900 precious stones. A staggering 1,500 hours contributed to the creation of the admittedly gorgeous bottle, where a dazzlingly detailed miniature New York skyline surrounds it. 


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