Insider’s Picks: Look Out For These 5 Up-And-Coming Asian Designers

Nguyen Cong Tri


Image: Nguyencongtri

Nguyen Cong Tri is no stranger to the fashion world – the Vietnamese designer is famous for spinning out couture-level work in Ho Chi Minh City. Cong Tri, a top the  Arts graduate from the Ho Chi Minh City University of the Arts, was first noticed when he won first prize for his 'Green Leaves' fashion collection at Vietnam's Grand Prix, for the 'New Idea' category. Since then, the Vietnamese designer has taken the fashion world by storm with his avant-garde techniques and propensity for great detail, combining a series that features the complexity of laser cutting, interlacing, hand-ironed pleating, knitting and hand painting. His designs often draw from Vietnamese tradition, with a penchant for jewel and sequin embellishments.

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Masha Ma


Image: Mashama

Futurism and industrialism blend in a fascinating expression of femininity, as Masha Ma is best known for. The Beijing-born designer, who received an MA in womenswear from Central Saint Martin’s in London, launched her namesake label in 2008. About five years later, Ma, whose fans famously include Naomi Campbell and Lady Gaga, was selected for the CDFA/Vogue Fashion Fund China Exchange Program. Even whilst studing, the Chinese designer caught the eye of the big names in fashion, and famously worked for Alexander McQueen and Veronique Branquinho.

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Limi Feu


This designer skyrocketed to fashion fame since her label made its debut in 2000 – in less than seven years her designs have made the runways of Tokyo Fashion Week in successive years. Limi Feu is not just known for her asymmetrical hems, layers, and dark colors that are interestingly evocative of her famous father, Yohji Yamamoto’s designs. The talented designer, whose own designs radiate with a fascinating street edge, is also known for putting a spotlight on the more unconventional runway models, such as pregnant women and tattooed women, in line with her idea of all-encompassing beauty.

Yiqing Yin


Image: Yiqing Yin

After presenting her first ever collection at Hyères International Festival in 2010, Yiqing Yin’s label launched the following year to critical acclaim. The Chinese-born Haute Couture designer, who is currently based in Paris, is also an official member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. Her designs are characterized by a delicate sort of fragility expressed in traditionally feminine silhouettes.  

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