Jo Malone’s The Bloomsbury Set Has Finally Arrived


Jo Malone’s fascinating new collection unravels in a perfectly beautiful rendition of the sprawling English countryside and its rustic beauty – indeed, we'll soon marvel at the unconventional concoctions that make The Bloomsbury Set.

The free spirited collection effervesces from a non-conformist aesthetic with an equally non-conformist new range, with anything from the boldness of Blue Hyacinth to the richness of Leather and Artemisia. The five new fragrances indeed, tell a story, evolving through captivating juxtapositions and disentangling from alluring stories told from the beautiful countryside.

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Says Master Perfumer Yann Vasnier of the new collection: “When we visited Charleston… I didn’t know what to expect but I fell in love with it. I clearly remember a beautiful table painted with water lilies that looked almost like camouflage print, and the smells of clay and dust and ceramic in the air.”

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Each scent symbolizes a moment throughout the day – after all, says Vasnier, “Fragrance is meant to be fun and emotional.”

The limited edition bottles hit stores in March (S$110 for 30ml):


Intoxicatingly warm, bold Blue Hyacinth unravels with a touch of woody vetiver.


The vibrant, elegant Tobacco & Mandarin with a hint of herbaceous sage.


Enigmatic Whisky & Cedarwood with a blend of spice and sweet roses.

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Garden Lilies capture the scent of dawn, with ylang ylang and white musk


The striking Leather & Artemisia is a rich concoction, with a hint of absinthe.

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