Jo Malone’s Rare Tea Scents Are Nothing Like You’ve Ever Known


Today marks the debut of Jo Malone London’s newest edition and the making of new history. For the first time ever, authentic rare tea leaves were directly infused in the making of the colognes, which comes in a collection of six unique scents. Unlike other Jo Malone fragrances which blend together in unexpected combinations, the new collection of Rare Tea Scents features a different tea that characterizes each scent. Every scent stars one specific rare tea, like no Jo Malone cologne you have ever known.

Silver Needle Tea

Straight from the Fujian valleys of China comes the supple and velvety Silver Needle Tea, a lovely delicacy that was for centuries, an exclusively imperial drink only worthy of the royal family. Every silver tip was picked by hand at first light, and dried in the morning sun. With a hint of rose and a touch of sage, this rare tea infusion glistens with the romance of a lifetime.

Jade Leaf Tea

The smoothest of all the Japanese Senchas is unmistakably, the Jade Leaf Tea, whose characteristic green is preserved through steaming, which in turn locks its crisp flavor. Grown from the loveliest sea breeze of Kyushu, invigorating is the result, as a note of pomelo and a sesame texture vitalizes this rare tea infusion.

Darjeeling Tea

Heady and sublime is the luminous Darjeeling Tea – a rich, floral exotica whose sweetness radiates with a subtle injection of the cool Indian Davana apricot. Vibrant spring buds are found high up in the Himalayas, grown in the misty mountain pits – the steepest slopes.

Oolong Tea

A silky smooth softness envelops the Oolong tea, formed perfectly and seduced with the richness of bitter cocoa and the boldness of almond tonka beans. Earthen radiance rounds the sweet subtlety of tobacco leaf in a creamy infusion.

Golden Needle Tea

With a spicy aura with notes of leather, the Golden Needle Tea is mysterious and dark. Specially handpicked, these leaves were withered to a burning, deep gold, evocative of the warmth of Chinese tea houses lost in Yunnan’s cloudy mountains.

Midnight Black Tea

The Midnight Black Tea is a seductive concoction, whose leaves were plucked from the Yunnan province of China. Carnal and exotic, the leaves were sun-kissed with a capacity to unravel with time, toxic with carnal passion. Smoky and alluring.

The collection is exclusively available at Singapore’s Takashimaya Shopping Centre boutique.



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