“It’s A Mess,” Karl Lagerfeld Weighs In New Fashion Divide


Karl Lagerfeld has spoken. In the whirlwind of the see-now-buy-now fashion model that has divided the fashion industry in a heavy debate, where some brands are eager to push for a change while others are staying firmly within tradition.

Tom Ford and Tommy Hilfiger are just some of the many brands embracing the new model, which makes collections shown on the catwalk available for purchase immediately after the show. Gucci, like some, has chosen to remain faithful to the traditional six-month wait before the collection arrives in stores.

"It's a mess," he said backstage at Fendi to the Financial Times. “It’s just powdering the something that people don’t want to see anyway, to make a statement. The reality is that you have to give people the time to make their choice, to order the clothes or handbags, and to produce them beautifully so that editors can photograph them. If not, that's the end of everything."

He adds, "The world is changing - not always for the best - but we have to follow the changes and the internet, but there is a way of doing it, you know? It's not just about talking bullshit. Chanel makes six collections per year, but I make already one - the capsule - that is not shown to the press, to nobody. The day it comes out is the day the stores get a document. Now I want to do something else - perhaps it's too early to talk about it - to make a special collection only for the internet. Fifteen things, you buy them and you get them immediately."


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