Lanvin’s New Sportswear Collection Deconstructs The Suit


It’s Lucas Ossendrijver’s 10th year Lanvin, and French fashion house is celebrating the anniversary in style – literally, that is. The special Pre-fall 2016 collection marks the Style director for Lanvin menswear’s ten golden years with a handsome deconstruction of the elegant suit among other formal ready-to-wears.

In this elegant-meets-rugged collection, Ossendrijver de-formalizes the suit in a fascinating mixture of genres and codes of tailored clothing with a laidback sporty vibe.

“I like to play on opposites,” he says. “I believe that this makes clothes easier to access. For me it’s a more modern attitude, less formal, in line with today’s world, it’s the lifestyle of today’s men, whether young or not-so-young.”

According to Ossendrijver, his collection begins with contemplation on fabrics, shapes, construction, technique, and then color.

As an urban nomad, the Lanvin man is always on the go, shuffling between cities and airports. As such, this collection centers about him, creating a shape that celebrates function, moving to "jogging" and "evening" with a luxurious effortlessness. 

Fluid, luxurious and easy, one of the more telling wardrobe basic of this collection is the iconic jacket in particular, also a key favorite by Ossendrijver.

“I like the idea that clothing follows your movements, that it’s flexible and discreet at the same time,” says the style director.

Indeed, with its “graphic, casual touch” and its propensity for having a quite a repeated appearance, this piece speaks with a timeless quality, concluding with ribbed hems and bright-colored cuffs, juxtaposed against neutral hues.

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