Louis Vuitton Travel Books Adds South Africa, Revisits Paris


The Louis Vuitton Travel Book Collection is an embodiment of art itself, depicting in their series an impassioned illustration in watercolor. Two stunning new titles will debut this May as part of the collection, illustrated by artists from all over the world. The young Brecht Evans, author of graphic novels, revisits the city of Paris with fresh perspectives, while painter Liu Xiaodong uses his first-hand experience with South Africia with an authentic revelation. The launch of the two publications will be celebrated with a global exhibit, including the original artwork and book signings.

As one of China’s leading contemporary painters, Liu Xiaodong’s work features an amalgamation of photography, the written word and film-making techniques, as he expresses his great adventures through unchartered land and exotic cultures. Today, the esteemed painter, who has been exhibited around the world, is a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing.

As for emerging artist Brecht Evans, if you thought his work resembled comic book illustrations than an actual, classic watercolor piece, you are quite right. The artist considers himself a comic book artist instead of a painter, given his desire to “tell stories that cannot be fitted into a single image”. Evans has won the Willy Vandersteen prize and the “Audacity Prize” at the 2011 Festival d’Angoulême.

The collection considers the voyage, virtual or real, and elevates its craft with poetic expression, stimulating thought and adapting moving moments. Its illustrations don’t just tell a story, but depict the movement of life itself, capturing the essence of each city and the moments of the lives of city folk, whether it’s a mundane passing day or a glimpse of the area’s distinct architecture.

Travel is contemporized with a new vision of travel and its offerings, in a fascinating mashup of sleepless cities and the uncharted wilderness.









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