This Massage Wants You To Relax, Reset And Re-centre Both Body And Mind

Because you deserve it.

It is pretty common for one to not have a balanced lifestyle in this day and age. We are constantly stressed and tired, which makes it even more difficult to unwind and relax properly. But here's the truth: if you don't get proper — and thorough — rest, you will burn out sooner rather than later (and your skin will be compromised too).

Massages are a great way to destress but oft times, they tend to target aching joints and pains without a holistic approach. And if you're looking for the latter, the Spa Esprit Super Vibrator is one to keep tabs on.

It is said to be a new-age therapy that helps to re-centre your energy and rebalance you from the inside-out, using a combination of touch (massage), scent (customised essential oil blend) and sound (Tingsha cymbals and Tibetan singing bowl). It combines energy reading, aromatherapy, and sound therapy into one power-packed experience. Together, these targets and re-centres your energy imbalances by identifying and treating the physical and emotional ailments that often lead to aches and sore joints in the body.

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The whole treatment starts off with a bio-energy reading using Spa Esprit’s unique Emotional Positioning System (EPS), a bio-feedback machine that maps out your “energy blueprint”. Through a spectrum of colours, it recognises and visualises the strengths and weaknesses of your seven energy centres — the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. With this reading, the therapist highlights three of your weakest energy centers and recommends a corresponding customised essential oil blend that will rebalance your energies by addressing and strengthening the deficiencies.

Before the massage begins, the therapist scents the room with the prescribed said essential oil blend and cleanses all corners of the room with Tingsha cymbals. This not only reportedly clears negative energy but also invites positive energy to help you to focus and relax.

To start off the massage, the therapist sets the mood by creating a sound bath using the Tibetan singing bowl. Its vibrations send deep hums that are absorbed by the body to help recenter your energies. The massage — a restorative Lomi Lomi massage, then begins with the therapist using long rhythmic, fluid strokes from the traditional Hawaiian technique to coax your body into a relaxing trance to relieve tension. To enhance the healing benefits of the experience, the Tibetan singing bowl is then filled with warm water and your prescribed essential oil, the bowl is placed onto your abdomen and back. As the therapist rims the bowl with gentle taps and circling, its vibrations once again help to recentre your energies.

To end off the treatment, the therapist performs another sound bath with the Tibetan singing bowl before finally concluding the experience with a resounding note from the Tingsha cymbals to awaken the senses. The body is said to feel rejuvenated and the mind is refreshed post-treatment.

Spa Esprit’s Super Vibrator is available exclusively at Spa Esprit Wheelock, #03-19 Wheelock Place at $290 for 120 minutes. 

This article is originally published on Female Singapore.


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