Paris Fashion Week Stamps Verdict on See-Now-Buy-Now


A mini revolution of sorts has gripping the fashion world of late, dividing major fashion brands in a standoff between new ways and old tradition. On one end, brands like Burberry, Tom Ford and Tommy Hilfiger have pushed for a ground-breaking new show model, where they plan to show in-season collections that will be available for purchase immediately after the show. Tom Ford even went a step further, pulling out his show for this spring’s New York Fashion Week. Other brands like Fendi have refused the new way, with Gucci saying that the six-month wait “creates desire”.

Arguments and disagreements aside, the governing body of Paris Fashion Week has spoken. The Fédération Française de la Couture du Prêt-à-Porter des Couturiers et des Créateurs de Mode has recently announced its intention to remain adopting the current six-month wait over the see-now-buy-now system that many brands have begun to adopt.

The Federation’s president, Toledano, explained that “not one person” considered the current fashion model “a problem", in a statement to WWD. "Our clientele is educated and informed on how the system works," he added.

Toledano listed many reasons for the Federation’s decision to keep the old tradition, including the designer process where freezing a complete collection four months prior to a show wouldn’t make sense, and the high risk of pirated and leaked images. He also cited the complicated supply chain where several weeks are needed to produce fabrics and embellish the garments, and the importance of creating anticipation and delayed gratification within the luxury circle.

"Desire and dreams are part of the buying process," he said.

Besides, the French industry is far from trouble and is doing well simply in the status quo. So why change a good thing that works?


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