PETA Now Owns Prada Shares In Protest


PETA is officially Prada’s latest shareholder and they are already pushing for some big changes. The American animal rights organization, also known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is staging a series of protests against the luxury brand’s use of fur, saying on its website that they “hope to help the company pull its head out of the sand.”`

PETA added their plans “to attend the company’s annual meetings and officially call for an end to all exotic-skins sales,” which they have now deemed possible as a current Prada shareholder.

The website described the way young ostriches were subjected to torture in the making of luxury ostrich-skin goods, including having their throats slit after being electrocuted, as reportedly revealed in an eyewitness exposé.

This never-before-seen video by PETA, titled ‘Ostriches Killed for Hermès, Prada Bags’, began with a graphic image of blood-drenched ostriches hanging upside down, their necks hanging limp and lifeless. A voice from the video, said to be the supplier for luxury brands including Louis Vuitton and Hermès, said that the brands “would never tell you where their bags’ skins come from.”

Fur has long been a controversial subject in the world of fashion, with either side heavily debating the true ethics of using actual fur in their products.

“We know that other companies use ostrich skin,” said Kathy Guillermo, PETA’s senior vice president. “But as we talked to more people who work at these factories and at trade shows, Prada was the name they offered up.”

Guillermo said that Hermès and Prada were the two names consistently brought up in the investigations, adding, “We felt we had enough evidence.”

While a spokesperson for Prada declined to comment, Hermès maintained that they were “fully committed to adherence to the highest international standards regarding the sustainable farming of non-endangered animals,” according to the New York Times.



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