Pin, Stick And Wear Scents As Arm Candy With Diptyque’s New Collection

This new collection from Diptyque introduces three new ways to literally wear scents.

The Paris-based luxury goods brand, Diptyque, may be well-known for its alluring genderless fragrance, scented candles, face and body care, but the brand is now expanding its territory into perfumed objects. With the introduction of its new Prets-a-Parfumer collection, comes three new non-conventional ways to (literally) wear your favourite fragrances. Each accessory is versatile, easily removable according to your mood and can be worn all together or on its own.


Our favourite has got to be the perfumed brooch ($152). A piece of jewellery in gilded metal, the brooch is shaped like the wooden birds that once inhabited Diptyque's original boutique. The ornament was inspired by the concept of pomanders - scented jewellery - that were commonly worn during the Renassaince period - either on belts or around the neck. This one's Diptyque's modern-day answer. Fashion meets function in this brooch that embellishes a plain ensemble while making you smell good. Just discreetly, slip the pre-perfumed ceramic disc that holds the fragrance - either Do Son, Eau Rose or Fleur de Peau - into the centre of the brooch. Then, pin it on yourself and smell great. diptyque

While you'll probably find yourself not being able to switch between scents midway through the day (unless you somehow find an opportunity to take a shower), this perfumed sticker solves that dilemma. Made of a matte satin material, don this perfumed sticker wherever you want - inside the wrist, at the base of your neck, at the curve of your shoulder or on your blouse. Yes, it's safe for the sticker to be in direct contact with your skin because it utilises a hypoallergenic glue and won't trigger even those with sensitive skin. You can move it around, layer it with a sticker of another scent or store it away whenever you like. Each sticker is said to last for up to three usages, and they come in packs of fives at $72. Have your pick amongst a rose pattern for Eau Rose, tuberose for Do Son and a swan for l’Ombre dans l’Eau.


Alternatively, scented arm candy that's customisable. The fibres of the braided thread are infused with the perfume and encapsulate the scents within it. It comes out of its oval black box, ready to be cut to the desired length. It can be attached and detached at will - thanks to the gold-plated clasp - and spreads its scent whenever you gesture with your hand. This fun, olfactory thrill is available in scents of Do Son, Eau Rose and Tam Dao at $104. Tip: even though it's marketed as a bracelet, the fact that the length's customisable means it can also be worn as a headband, an anklet or really, anything you'd imagine it to be.

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