REDValentino's Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear Was Actually Inspired By The Amish


The otherworldly pieces that make REDValentino’s Fall 2017 ready-to-wear collection has a fascinating twist. Beyond its elegance, the collection endures a slight rigidity, as if to reveal a subtle modesty and fascinating stiffness that may not be immediately apparent.

Indeed, creative director Pierpaolo Picciol lists the Amish as one of his main sources of inspiration for the Fall 2017 collection. Known for their simple lifestyles, the Amish often reject modern technology and its conveniences, preferring to live as plainly as they dress. The world of quilting, for example, draws heavy influences from the Amish people, whose strict lifestyles use only limited man-made techniques. Likewise, REDValentino’s A-line skirts look slightly rigid in tweed, spun with quilting techniques that are almost distinctly Amish. Wool sweaters are deceptively homespun, at least in appearance. The most telling part of the meeting between the Amish and the maison can be seen on smock-shouldered, ribbon-belted silk dresses, where gentle floral prints appear as if they have been painted on.

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This season’s highlights from REDValentino's latest collection breathe life into purported rigidity, blending modern influences in a re-imagination like no other while keeping the spirit of modest ways.



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