Review: Mid-Afternoon Indulgence at Healing Touch Spa

Sometimes life’s stresses call for a healing touch; an afternoon’s indulgence at a local spa


There is a sweet enclave on the fringes of Singapore, conveniently overlooking the tranquillity of Lower Seletar Reservoir. Indeed, Orchid Country Club is a fitting place to unwind over the weekend, especially if you need a convenient local getaway. Of course, no getaway is ever really complete without some necessary pampering. Luckily for guests, the award-winning Healing Touch Spa has a branch at the country club. Lose yourselves in relaxing rainforest-like sounds as you stroll pass the Olympic-sized pool on your way to the spa.

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Holistic Spa


I was greeted by the receptionist who gave me a quick run-through on the therapeutic afternoon I was to expect. She provided me a menu of options for my imminent organic body scrub; from Asian herbs to fragrant flowers, there were six options to choose from. Rather than providing just an afternoon of tranquil indulgences, I was told that Healing Touch Spa prides itself in focusing on a holistic concept and the profiling of an individual; their overall wellness and health.

I confessed that my diet wasn't the best. While I had an active lifestyle, I could do with more vegetables and healthier options.  Horrible diet aside, I was fortunate that my face did not bear its consequences... Yet. I also divulged the secrets of my careless skincare regime, to the horror of my therapist at the spa. It's no secret that youthfulness will not last forever, but beauty fades a lot faster than most people think. One should always start early in the maintenance of one's skin. The future you will be extremely grateful. You could start with a trip to the spa, like I did:

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Organic Body Scrub, 30min


The fresh, herbaceous aroma of the Lavender Cream Scrub I chose enveloped me as I forgot the day’s stresses. With rather thin skin, as my therapist accurately points out, this one was an ideal option especially for sensitive skin. The relaxing exfoliation moisturized and soothed in that half hour, with an intensely lovely after-experience. I felt a culmination of my newly soft, supple skin and the sweet calm of lavenders radiating about me.

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Asian Fusion Massage, 60min


After the particularly relaxing body scrub, it was time for a therapeutic massage which I needed especially after a nasty fall on ice a few weeks ago. I expressed my predicament, and had my slightly bruised lower back given extra care. The pressure that was applied was adjusted accordingly to suit me, and the kneading tailored to my liking. I remembered a Thai Massage I had in Bangkok about a year ago that left me horribly strained the next day, and worried whether this massage would aggravate my desperately healing injury. To my pleasant surprise, I woke the next day suffering no such strain.

Asian Fusion borrows from a variety of massage techniques like Swedish massage and Deep Tissue massage in a rejuvenating amalgamation. The bespoke service is tailored to one’s individual profile; you will surely find tension relieved at the end of the relaxing massage.

Bio GuaSha Facial, 90min​


Of course, an afternoon’s pampering is not without an intensely therapeutic facial, removing unsightly blackheads and refining my pores. The acclaimed Bio GuaSha Facial offered an effective combination of tradition and technology, working on my facial muscles and concluding with a nourishing Bio Mask Treatment at the end. I found my face looking extra firm after the soothing session.

The treatment delivers the ancient imperial beauty secret of Japanese Guasha in a fascinating reinvention, shaping my facial contour aside from lifting, firming and shaping it in an effective procedure. The procedure is also completely natural, borrowing from its age-old wonders. The firm, after-glow on my face was proof enough. The ceramic Guasha tool worked my the meridians and lymph system on my face, which explained the natural and visible lift I saw after the treatment. I was told that the ion plates encouraged blood circulation and a noticeable tightening effect on my facial muscles.

An intensely nourishing BioMask marked the sweet conclusion of this mid-afternoon indulgence, allowing me the pleasure of a radiant glow typically afforded to one who’s had the luxury of a lovely night’s rest.

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