It’s Mother’s Day With SK-II’s Limited Edition Spring Butterfly


The most important woman in your life is quite arguably, your Mom. There’s even a special day set aside each year to celebrate her for being your Mom – March in some countries, and in others, the second Sunday in May.

Instead of a thoughtful bouquet of flowers and a box of dark chocolates, SK-II is launching something special: a new Spring Butterfly Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence. The normally nondescript Facial Treatment Essence bottle is adorned with a gorgeous array of origami butterflies twirling in springtime. Only for Mother’s Day.

SK-II has always been known for their iconic Facial Treatment Essence, a miraculous concoction lauded for their trademark 90% Pitera, and also SK-II’s best-selling product. The signature ingredient, discovered over three decades ago in a sake brewery, is said to be very potent and effective in maintaining the youthfulness of one’s skin, leaving a luminous radiance envied by many. SK-II recently discovered from their long-term study that it is best to start a good beauty regime in your 20s, and even better with their series, because that’s when your youth starts to fade. In fact, long term SK-II users have reported enjoying clear and radiant skin through their 30s and 40s.



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