Here’s what happened when SK-II Took Chiara Ferragni to the Anza Borrego Desert



When taking care of one’s skin, staying away from harsh environments is probably a good idea. From dry weather to blazing UV rays, there are no short of factors that would contribute to the escalating ageing of one’s precious skin. Of course, it’s impossible to avoid these things forever. Aside from being slightly unrealistic, there’s nothing like basking in the beautiful sunshine.

In a new collaboration between SK-II and National Geographic, Chiara Ferragni puts herself against some of the world’s toughest edges with SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence. Shot in an inspiring series of vignettes, the short follows Ferragni to America’s notorious Anza Borrego Desert in an extreme expedition.

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She faces the wild in the parched, scorching desert, amid the horrors of dehydration, dizziness and dry heat as she traverses cracked earth, literally dry in the heat. While the Italian fashion influencer admitted her initial fears on facing the camera after being on the challenging expedition, she found that her fears were unfounded despite being in one of “worst conditions” she’s been in.

“I’m actually quite surprised, because my skin looks amazing,” Ferragni said. “After being in such a dry weather, I cannot believe my skin faced the wild and survived.”

Ferragni adds, “It’s so crazy being here in the desert. There’s so much dryness here, I thought it could have really damaged my skin.”

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Many have sworn by SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence, containing over 90 percent of their signature ingredient Pitera. Originally discovered more than 35 years ago, scientists noticed the fascinating sight where elderly workers at a Japanese sake brewery kept soft and youthful looking hands despite noticeably wrinkled faces. They found that the workers had their hands constantly in the sake fermentation process. Years of research allowed the scientist to isolate Pitera, which made for the brand’s iconic essence.

Indeed, whilst Ferragni finds herself safe from the scorching Anza Borrego Desert, celebrity photographer Jesper Mcilroy experienced no such luxury.

“It takes guts to take on and nail a beauty shoot in some of the world’s most extreme environments immediately after a physically demanding full day trek the day before,” says Mcilroy. “On several occasions I was sunburnt and frostbitten but I was amazed that [Ferragni’s] skin wasn’t at all affected!”

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