Effortless Cool: It’s The Advent of Luxury Loungewear


Tired tracksuits and soggy sweatshirts? Not anymore. Once an ‘embarrassing’ pyjama-like garment only meant for the privacy of one’s home, loungewear has seemingly progressed into a more fashionable statement, especially in recent years.

From Céline and Chloé’s tailored jogging bottoms to cashmere-rendered pieces from Olivia von Halle and Brunello Cucinelli, and even in the recent collaborative efforts of Vetements and Juicy Couture, loungewear appears to be feeding off its long-awaited luxury interpretation with a revival of sorts.

According to Helen David, chief merchant at Harrods, the off-duty sweats were a long-time coming.

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“Silk drawstring pants have been a hit at Chloé and gym staple Champion pants have become street style stars in their own right,” she says to the Business of Fashion (BoF). “The rise of the parka, the bomber, and jean jacket and trainers worn with everything — it wasn’t going to be long before those off-duty sweats made their way out of the house.”

Indeed, the rise of loungewear, especially as a fashion statement and more so encouraged by luxury labels, may further emphasize on the modern day luxury consumer’s changing demands. Whereas luxury in the past was dictated by conspicuity and loud logos, today’s luxury appears to be defined by a quiet sort of elegance.

Perhaps the Loungewear can fulfil these demands with its effortless, understated lines. Especially in the age of long-haul flights, a chic rendition of tracksuits could gather a rather contemporary elegance in an understated, comfortable vibe.

“It’s a lifestyle choice,” says British knitwear designer Madeleine Thompson in a statement to BoF. “A statement that we are practical and busy, yet beautiful and extravagant at the same time.”

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