Here’s Why The Timeless Appeal of Delvaux Remains Centuries After It Has Been Founded


In the advent of exaggerated fashion mash-ups and ultimate designer tees, one brand retains the classic persona of yesteryear. Delvaux is by no means an old fashioned brand, however – despite its establishment centuries ago, the maison seamlessly ties in the contemporary with age old tradition. Seemingly, each bag flounces in lavish material, with an aesthetic that boasts an understated sort of elegance. Even more exotic pieces retain a signature Delvaux timelessness that began from its debut in 1829.

Indeed, the Belgian manufacturer of fine leather luxury goods remains a central figure in the luxury world long after its founding and is today, one of the oldest fine leather houses in the world. The prestige of Delvaux lies in how all of its bags are handcrafted, with its iconic Brilliant bag, a structured bag from the 1950s remaining as it has always been since its creation.

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But what about the Delvaux customer? For Christina Zeller, Artistic Director of Delvaux, you might best describe her as a free-spirited woman. “She is independent, elegant and bold,” says Zeller.

The charismatic woman came to Delvaux with an impressive background in luxury – from Karl Lagerfeld to Christian Lacroix and then to Givenchy, you can probably assume that Zeller knows more than a thing or two about high fashion. Though Delvaux is a brand famous for its classic persona, Zeller’s direction has injected the brand with fascinating touches; a rebellious buckle, an irreverent tail of fur.

“For me, the appeal of a Delvaux bag is the subtle combination between classic design, fantasy, uniqueness and timelessness,” says Zeller. “The constructions of the bag are always challenged, an aspect that can be identified in several creations of the maison. This is combined with discreet hardware and outstanding leather qualities.”

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“Our iconic shapes such as the Brillant (1958), Tempête (1967) are still very modern,” says Zeller. “They remain timeless and the price is only a reflection of the extremely qualitative skins selected as well as the number of the hours dedicated to create each item. For example, a Brillant needs at least 8 hours to be completed.”

She tells us how the iconic Brillant was originally created in 1958 to celebrate that year’s World’s Fair in Brussels.

“It’s interesting to know that this bag was designed by an architect because as at that time, fashion schools did not really exist; explaining the Brillant’s very structured form and graphic lines,” she explains.

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Despite almost 200 years in existence, Delvaux is still a relatively new face in Singapore. The Belgian fine leather house opened its flagship Singapore store in the heart of luxury district Scotts Square, in a stunning 1,200 square feet of space. Aside from its stragetic location where Singapore symbolizes the Southeast Asian go-to destination for fashion and luxury, Zeller finds Singaporean women to be extremely elegant.

“Most of them really appreciate exotics skins as well as our daring in using innovative and technically advanced methods,” explains Zeller. “Delvaux does not shy away from demonstrating its prowess in mastering precious materials like exotics and pushing the techniques to new heights.”

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