Three Fine Artists Inspired These New Shades Of Pink For The Rouge Hermes Lipsticks

Hermes has come up with three limited-edition lipsticks designed around the possibilities of pink.

If you’ve been feeling a bit lackluster in the beauty and makeup department recently, have no fear: Hermes is here with a new limited edition collection of its Rouge Hermes lipsticks. 

This Fall/Winter 2020 collection is built around shades of pink and its nuances of light, shade and undertone. The house calls these seasonal collections “ephemeral curations” of beauty objects, so it perhaps makes sense there’s just three beautifully colour-designed shades. 

The three shades are: Rose Ombre, Rose Pommette and Rose Nuit. Respectively, a satin rosewood inspired by the effect of varnished wood furniture, a vibrant pink with a satin texture meant to evoke flowers in sunlight and a velvety matte pink with subtle cool undertones and a subtle, muted wear. 

Rouge Hermes matte lipstick in Rose Nuit, $111 Rouge Hermes matte lipstick in Rose Nuit, $111

The lacquer cases also get a colourway update, and there are now mixes of pale blush and dark cyan, baby blue and deep brown, and midnight blue and lemon yellow. Because this is Hermes, even these colour combinations are not left to random.

The whole collection – and the cases in particular – take inspiration from the works of fine artists. From the American painter Charles Sheeler, his silent, meditative perspectives of architecture; from the painters John Register and Arduino Cantafora, the calm beauty of their still-lives and domestic landscapes; and from the French modernist Jean Helion, his abstract compositions.

Rouge Hermes satin lipstick in Rose Ombre, $111 Rouge Hermes satin lipstick in Rose Ombre, $111

The best thing about Hermes’ lipsticks is, of course, that the Pierre Hardy-designed lacquer cases they come in are reusable. That means after you’ve finished these Fall shades, you can always re-purpose the cases to use with a refill tube of lipstick – chic.

Rouge Hermes satin lipstick in Rose Pommette, $111 Rouge Hermes satin lipstick in Rose Pommette, $111

The collection will be available from Oct 2020 at Hermes' boutiques in Liat Towers, Marina Bay Sands, Ngee Ann City, as well as the Hermes beauty counter inside Takashimaya D.S.

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