Top Fashion Brands Are Using Childlike Handwriting as Art


Gucci Coco Capitán logo backpack

It seems like top fashion brands are starting to shed the complexities of haute couture, and going back to basics. By basics, we mean childlike, haphazard scrawls on the label’s popular products. The message is far from childlike, however; a closer look at some of these quips reveals often tongue-in-cheek statements taking a jab at, well, humanity at large.

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For a start, Gucci’s iconic vintage t-shirt that has been sweeping up a fashion storm has a rebellious sister, so to say. Scrawled messily on the original tee are the words, “COMMON SENSE IS NOT THAT COMMON”, which many can argue is very true indeed. The tee (US$ 550) marks the recent collaboration between the maison and artist Coco Capitán for Fall 2017, expressing an emotive string of truisms and cheeky statements.


Also making some considerable waves this month is one of Tory Burch’s latest additions to her Fall Winter 2017 collection. The Arthur Script Large Briefcase (S$1650) expected to hit stores this month, blends with the typical Tory Burch preppy meets bohemian elegance. Instead of cheeky declarations, the briefcase bears elegant writings, including free spirited ramblings on “keeping your thoughts raised high”, among other inspiring speech.

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From edging on rebellion to pure whimsicality, Dolce & Gabbana finds the middle ground, hanging it loose with the playful, truly childlike Medium Welcome Leather Top Handle Bag (S$4900.00). Think of an idealistic schoolgirl’s scrawls, and there you have the sentimental top handle, beautifully crafted in calf leather, with a lively twist.

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