Zegna Group Acquires Bonotto SpA


Ermenegildo Zegna Group has acquired a majority stake at Bonotto SpA, a textile manufacturing company based in Molvena in Italy, with the Bonotto family retaining responsibility for creative design and management, while keeping a 40% stake in the share capital.

“We’ve known and appreciated for some time the Bonotto family,” says Ermenegildo Zegna, CEO of the Zegna Group. “Their history is very similar to ours, starting from attention to the territory, art and culture as tools for the development of a company. I am sure that together we will achieve new and innovative goals, thereby strengthening our respective corporate missions.”

The Vicenza-based company, known for producing high-end fabrics for men and women, has a merged primacy with Lanificio, Lanificio Agnona and Tessitura di Novara. The Zegna Group will enter with a 33% share.

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Bonotto and BONOTTOEDITIONS, known for their penchant for creative, experimental fabrics, are also characterized by their cultural approach emblematic of contemporary ways – the very dimension that the Luigi Bonotto Foundation has been driving forward since the beginning.

The foundation's headquarters exist within the factory and is now recognized among the world’s most important organizations for the Fluxus movement, with almost 20,000 works archived.

The luxury label was founded in 1912 by Luigi Bonotto and is now led by his grandsons Lorenzo and Giovanni.  

“The combination of our families will give a further boost for both companies in uncharted areas such as furnishing and experimental fabrics,” adds Giovanni Bonotto, Creative Director of Bonotto SpA. “The pioneering spirit and the search for innovation, which are consistent with the traditions that distinguish us, are the best guarantee toward the creation of a real laboratory for the future of textiles.”

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