Review: Terracotta Penthouses, Shanghai

Aquaspace Shanghai, a luxury home provider in Shanghai's delightful Lujiazui district, has welcomed a new star into its property portfolio, the Terracotta Penthouse series

Combining modern and classic styling as well as European and Eastern flavours, the Terracotta Penthouse series is a sight to behold. On each balcony you'll find eight full size terracotta warriors gazing imperiously at the modern skyline of Shanghai. Meanwhile providing another stark contrast with these historic figures are the apartments' integrated home systems which allow owners to controls all their household electronics through one master remote.

However perhaps the greatest appeal of Aquaspace Shanghai's latest development is its ecological sustainability. Features include light sensor controls, electronic blinds and integrated dimming systems that help reduce energy consumption. Elsewhere you'll also note the latest in air source heat pumps, LED lights, water saving fixtures in the bathroom as well as water and air purification systems. Combined they offer a living space which is as spectacular as it is green.

"These new additions to our housing services not only engage our guests with the rich history of China, but they will set our apartments apart with their unique sustainable features," says Andrew Best, marketing director of Aquaspace Shanghai. "Shanghai is a major financial hub, we want to leverage this with the demand of business travellers seeking more than just a hotel visit but a comfortable and luxurious home away from home."

Available from December 2010, these gorgeous Terracotta Penthouse apartments will also soon welcome more beautiful terracotta warriors direct from Xian.


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