One Ring is Not Enough

Diamond rings are good for more than just weddings and Tiffany & Co. is keen on showing you just how broadly celebratory they can be

Rings are for celebrating the high points in one’s life, not just nuptials. So says one of the most recognizable and prominent names in the wedding party, Tiffany & Co. The jeweler of choice for happy couples everywhere has some rather solid ideas about other celebrations that could do with diamond rings.

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From top: ): Lucida® diamonds and sapphires, shared-setting band ring with a half circle of round brilliant diamonds, Tiffany Swing diamond band ring, channel-set band ring with diamonds

Clearly, if a diamond ring is good enough for a fair affair such as a wedding it must also be good for celebrating milestones such as important birthdays and anniversaries. A new business venture or a successful IPO could also do quite nicely with the sparkle of diamonds set upon a platinum band.

With this very idea in mind, behold the Tiffany Celebration® rings! Just as every element must align in just the right way to create perfect moments in our lives, nature and human ingenuity conspire to come together to create these most radiant of diamond rings from Tiffany & Co.

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From left: Tiffany Jazz™ graduated ring with round brilliant diamonds in platinum, Tiffany Novo diamonds in platinum, shared setting full circle of round brilliant diamonds in platinum, Etoile three-row with pavé-set diamonds in platinum, braided motif with diamonds in platinum, shared setting half circle of round brilliant diamonds in platinum, channel-set with round brilliant diamonds in 18 karat gold, Tiffany Jazz™ with bezel-set diamonds in platinum, Tiffaria triad of brilliant diamonds in platinum, Tiffany Swing with diamonds and sapphires in platinum


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From top: Tiffany Swing diamond ring in platinum, diamond band ring in platinum, diamond band ring in 18 karat yellow gold, three-row band ring in platinum, square diamond band ring in platinum, round diamond band ring in platinum, and Lucida® diamond band ring in platinum

Designed to maximize elegance and robustness, the Tiffany Celebration®rings are well suited to everyday use, thus allowing you to bring a touch of the extraordinary everywhere you go.

Classical round diamonds or quirky princess-cut stones; channel-set or full pave, Tiffany Celebration® rings trace the sometimes convoluted path to fulfillment with chutzpah. These rings come in all manner of designs, from narrow and feminine to wide and dramatic, to suit all tastes and all preferences – so long as you like diamonds of course!

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From top: Tiffany Swing diamond ring, Tiffany Swing diamond and pink sapphire ring, Tiffany Aria diamond ring

True lovers of diamond jewelry will agree with Tiffany &Co. that each glittering band gives the “go-ahead to let the celebration begin and to reach for a new day.” Indeed, if you are poetically inclined, rings have neither beginning nor end so the perfection of a celebration will endure for eternity.

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Tiffany Celebration® rings, from left: Victoria, braided, geometric with aquamarines and sapphires, scroll, Tiffany Aria, and wide ring with emeralds and sapphires in platinum

Tiffany & Co.

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