The Ultimate Dinner with The Macallan and Roca

The Macallan Master's of Taste highlighted the luxurious single malt brand's desire for innovation, creativity and passion. We get a glimpse at the evolution at the ideas surrounding the perfect pairing of whisky and cuisine

The Macallan Master's of Taste highlighted the luxurious single malt brand's desire for innovation, creativity and passion. We get a glimpse at the evolution of the ideas surrounding the perfect pairing of whisky and cuisine. 

An illustrious single malt in constant innovation, The Macallan, through its initiatives in supporting the arts, photography, music and now food, have demonstrated their dedication to providing unique experiences for those searching for not only the finest, but always the finer things in life.

Their latest endeavor, The Macallan Masters of Taste, comprises a series of exclusive dinners that took place at El Celler de Can Roca, with menus focused on highlighting whisky aroma yet in synergy whisky-food pairing. Dinners are priced at US$10,000 a head, and all proceeds will go to charity:water, which The Macallan has previously worked with during the Cire Perdue project in November 2010.  A total of 14 whiskies were served, including whiskies from previously unreleased single cask malts and the Macallan M, the world's most expensive whisky.

El Celler de Can Roca's position as amongst the World's Best Restaurant meant the restaurant was a perfect pairing with The Macallan, one of the leading masters in the world of single malt Scotch whisky.  Both leaders in their field, The Macallan worked closely with the Roca brothers (Joan, Josep and Jordi) to deliver not just an exquisite pairing of the Roca Brothers' sumptuous cuisine and whisky, but also an innovative and sensory experience. "The Macallan has personality and character in its whisky, but there is a nice balance. The different oaks and barrels can be spicy, fruity or floral with varying intensities but always balance – which made each dish open to possibility," said Josep Roca. The flavors and characters from each Macallan whisky inspire the dishes, and the whisky pairing serves to elevate each dish. "Both worlds speak the same language," said the Roca brothers. "The main link comes from the aroma and flavors.  Making whisky is an art itself; taste, smell, textures are all seen in The Macallan."

A trip to Barcelona and Girona in April took us behind the scenes and right into the heart of the collaboration, getting a glimpse at what is to be offered to diners during The Macallan Masters of Taste. "Whisky and cuisine have had a long-standing connection but never have any two partners come together to really explore what this could, and should mean," said Ken Grier, Director of The Macallan. "Our collaboration is set to break down classic perceptions of food pairing and enter into a whole new, awe-inspiring world of taste and flavor experience."

"The collaboration was all about passion, a natural feeling between The Macallan and El Celler de Can Roca. The common values, our roots and how we understand life and innovation," said the Roca brothers of the collaboration. "We focus on new techniques and new ways to enjoy food experiences, this collaboration is an entirely new challenge and also an opportunity to grow and learn."  While both The Macallan and the Roca brothers maintain that this is a longstanding relationship between the two, the menu developed for the inaugural Masters of Taste will not be repeated in Spain or elsewhere. The Macallan, however, is determined to continue to innovate, break down barriers and alter perceptions by collaborating with the world's most illustrious partners to deliver outstanding experiences. 


Jordi and Joan Roca, Bob Dalgarno and Josep Roca 


The brains behind the collaboration: Josep Roca, Ken Grier, Joan Roca, Bob Dalgarno, Jordi Roca, Jaume Ferras


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