The 10 Best ‘Grams For Major Makeup Inspo This Halloween

While the fashion tribe may pay more attention to their costume, us beauty junkies prefer expressing ourselves through our makeup. Here, we pick out 10 Instagram looks that will give you some major inspiration for the upcoming Halloween weekend.

#1: If you prefer something more cartoonish

#2: If you're going for a fierce, Ice Queen sort of look

#3: If you love red

#4: If you want to look creepy but still pretty

#5: If you want to play with bright, neon hues

#6: If you want a simple, black look (with a hint of peach on the eyelids)

#7: If you prefer something simple that still packs a punch

#8: If you're the adventurous sort and plan on doing face paint

#9: If you're going for the pumpkin-inspired

#10: If you want a foolproof makeup look Main image: @brighidthompson Instagram

This article is originally published on Female Singapore.


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