14 Items You Need To Build A Cool And Eclectic Wardrobe

No one does trippy fashion quite like Marc Jacobs. His S/S '18 collection is a prime example of how the American designer has a deft hand in mixing and mashing different aesthetics, items and colours in one outing. Consider the Stephen Jones turbans (which Wendy Jacobs rocked perfectly in our May issue, by the way); the oversized and slouchy jackets, the XXXL fanny packs, and fugly (fashionably ugly) mandals. Not only do they reference the influences – grunge era, the '70s, Americana – that always bookmark his collections, they are also some of the most Insta-cool pieces of the season. In that spirit, we distil the ways you can create the most eclectic wardrobe using items from Jacobs' spring/summer collection.

This article is originally published on Female Singapore.

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