This 3-Step Blusher Application Technique Gives Natural Highlights And Contours, And We’re Obsessed

Blusher application may not necessarily be the easiest step. Too much may cause you to end up looking like you've got a rash and some powders or creams may not be the most blendable, leaving it looking patchy. I personally enjoy applying blusher though, as I love the end result; it really helps to brighten my overall complexion, and give my skin a fresh-faced glow. But instead of just using one blusher, I have recently adopted the three-step blusher technique of layering different shades to not only give my cheeks a pop of colour, but to also create natural contouring and highlighting. I first came across this method while watching popular K-beauty vlogger Edward Avila on YouTube. How the technique works: first, apply a light, luminous shade of pink (a pastel, baby pink is great too) across your cheekbones and nose bridge. This helps to highlight and impart a radiant glow to your skin. After which, add on a coral shade to add some warmth and contour (sometimes, I even gently brush it across my nose bridge). Lastly, apply a shade of blusher of your choice. This can range from hot pinks to purples to add colour. If you can't wait to try this application technique out, scroll through the gallery above to check out our favourite blushers to use.

This article is originally published on Female Singapore.


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