5 Unique Fragrance Brands To Try If You Don’t Want To Smell Like Everyone Else

Fragrances are onto itself, a whole different branch in beauty. While we look for tangible effects such as moisturised skin, diminished fine lines, and fading of dark spots when we apply skincare or go for aesthetic treatments, much of selecting a perfume is about what speaks to the individual. It’s very much an intangible feeling that not only tickles your olfactory senses, but your heart too, when you catch a whiff of the fragrance on that strip of paper blotter. That’s why people spend hours deciding on their next fragrance, or have that one scent that they’ve emptied bottle after bottle of. It’s a fact that the market is saturated with more perfumes than you can count, and the era of wanting to smell like your favourite stars (yes, we’re talking about the earlier half of this decade when every other celebrity – Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and more – seemed to be coming up with their own “signature” fragrances) is over. It’s also a fact that many consumers prefer to go for safer, more generic scents because they are more palatable to have on the entire day. But if you’re looking to expand your fragrance library, here are five unique perfume brands you can try. Main image: Instagram (@floraiku)

This article is originally published on Female Singapore.


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