Are Tinted Moisturisers Making A Comeback?

Tinted moisturisers were big in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Everyone loved how fuss-free and multi-functional they were – you could replace your regular moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation with just one product – as well as its natural looking coverage.  Then BB creams came along. Providing a higher coverage and promising extra skin benefits, women flocked to the new wunderkind. Who cared if it added an extra step to your regime? Soon the K-beauty wave swept the world, bringing with it the 10-step skincare regime and a myriad of other new products from cushion compacts to water lip tints.  As women’s routines got longer and longer, and makeup became more professional and polished, multi-functional beauty products unfortunately become lost in the mix. But beauty trends, as with all things, come in waves. And in recent years, the natural, no-makeup makeup look came back as women started embracing their natural skin. I mean, didn’t we all love it when the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle kept her makeup so light that we could see her freckles clearly on her wedding day? And slowly, all the reasons why we loved tinted moisturisers started flooding back. Their subtle finish that makes your skin look like you, but just better. The natural dewy glow they leave behind. And of course, how easy and fast they are to use. What’s more, the new generation of tinted moisturisers are even more effective than their predecessors, often coming in a larger variety of shades, lighter textures and with more skincare benefits that will leave your complexion looking and feeling good.  Their improved formulas also mean little to no blending is needed, so it’ll get you out the door and off to work in a flash If you haven’t yet, then it’s definitely time to jump on the tinted moisturiser bandwagon. Check out the ones that we are loving now here. Trust us, they’re going to be your new beauty bestie. 

This article is originally published on Female Singapore.

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