Bacteria Is Not A Dirty Word: A Complete Guide To Probiotics Skincare

If the word “probiotics” makes you think of kombucha, kefir, yoghurt and kimchi, you’re not wrong. However, there’s so much more that probiotics can do in addition to maintaining a healthy digestive system, including ensuring that your complexion looks and stays plump, radiant and youthful. Needless to say, skincare companies have been cashing in on that, with more brands and products made available to customers that promise to work with our skin’s microbiome in order to maintain and improve skin health. But before you go shopping, here’s everything you need to know so you can make the best decisions:

#1: What Is Probiotics Skincare?

While much has been researched about the role of probiotics in gut health, the field of study when it comes to probiotics and its application in skincare is still relatively new. So far, what we know is that scientists have discovered that there’s a whole ecosystem of micro-organisms that live (and usually thrive) on our skin. And this, is known as the skin’s microbiome. The role that our skin’s microbiome plays can include regulating the ingredients that penetrate cell membrane and also to strengthen skin’s barrier function. Which explains why there’s been a wave of skincare products that are formulated to maintain this delicate balance for better skin health.

#2: How Exactly Do These Probiotics Work On Our Skin?

The skin’s microbiome can have a far-reaching effect on our skin health. Depending on the balance of good and bad bacteria on our skin, how resilient our skin barrier is in keeping out harmful particles, how well our skin is able to retain moisture and even how easily our skin becomes inflamed can all be affected.

#3: Probiotics vs Prebiotics

Amidst all the buzz surrounding probiotics, you probably have also heard of the term “prebiotics”. And in case you’re wondering, let us explain: probiotics are the micro-organisms living on our skin surface, while prebiotics are sugars that are the “food” and energy source in order to keep the probiotics alive.

#4: How Should I Use Probiotics Skincare?

First of all, allow us to reiterate that the skin’s microbiome is a delicate balance. This means that there are armies of tiny micro-organisms living and thriving at the same time. When their living environment is maintained at an optimal level, they are able to effectively fend off harmful particles, regulate skin’s pH levels, minimise cellular inflammation for beautiful, healthy skin. So if you are currently dealing with a weakened skin barrier, have dull and rough skin or chronically dry skin, you are likely to benefit from using probiotics skincare.

#5: Who Is Suitable To Use Probiotics Skincare?

Almost everyone can benefit from using probiotics skincare because of the abovementioned reasons. More importantly, because prebiotics skincare primarily aim to maintain skin health by keeping that balance in our skin microbiome, they’re typically formulated to be gentle and not harsh. Here, the best probiotics skincare for beautiful, healthy skin:

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