Beauty Trend Alert: The ’90s Lip Liner Is Back

When you think of the ’90s, you think of crop top, platform shoes, antenna fringes, and… lip liners. We don’t mean outlining your lips so your lipstick doesn’t feather like we all do now, but a harsh, drawn-on line that is extra obvious in photos.

Well, lined lips are back. But the good news is, the harsh line has given way to a blended, diffused line. The new lip liners, too, are creamy and glide on gently – and essential for defining lips. So how do you choose a lip liner shade? Makeup artist Larry Yeo says you don’t need a matching liner for every lipstick shade, just three: a nude matching your lip tone, for a sheer lipstick; a brown-pink slightly darker than your lips, to sculpt; and a red to better define a red lip. “If you don’t use red, a brown-red can give shape to the lips. You can even match it to richer or brilliant colours,” says Yeo. This article first appeared in Her World.

This article is originally published on Female Singapore.

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