The Best Anti-Pollution Cleansers To Protect Your Skin

You fuss about having silk pillowcases because the material is said to prevent the premature onset of wrinkles on your face. You drink copious amounts of water because hydration is the key to great skin. You put on a sheet mask daily because you want to get dewy skin or mochi skin or glass skin – or whatever’s the trending adjective for great skin at this point in time. But do you place the same amount of emphasis on your cleanser, which is the first step in any skincare routine? Because if you don’t have a special anti-pollution one that helps remove pollution particles effectively, the nasties will be there to clog up pores, remove all traces of radiance from your skin and wreak havoc on it no matter how detailed your skincare is. Here are our picks for the best anti-pollution cleansers that help remove pollution particles. Add any of these to your skincare routine, ASAP.

This article is originally published on Female Singapore.

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