Body-Sculpting Treatments To Help You Get In Shape For The Holidays

We know it feels silly to talk about a summer-ready body in sunny Singapore because, well, it’s summer all year round, what with the 30-odd degree weather. But if you think about it, summer’s more than a season. It’s a state of mind that brings with it an urge to stash a good book and a beach towel into your straw bag and head for the beach to relax under the sun, listening to the rhythm of the crashing waves. But if you’re fretting over the extra inches you’ve put on indulging in good food and wine, and can’t bring yourself to formulate an intensive workout plan in time for the Christmas and New Year festivities, check out these body-sculpting treatments that will help you lose that undesirable inch (or two) of flab.

This article is originally published on Female Singapore.

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