A Gen Z Guide To Skincare Products To Invest In

Your 20s are an important period for your skin. This is the time when the decisions you make about your skin will determine your future complexion, from its texture, to lines, pigmentation, radiance, and how resilient it is. Being savvy now sets the foundation for maintaining healthy, glowing skin that’s resilient against ageing signs and damage. Besides the all-important sun protection and good cleansing habits, nourishing the skin with essential ingredients will help it to carry out its natural functions well. These include repair, renewal, moisturisation, and defence against external stressors like pollution and blue light. But let’s be clear: You don’t need to overspend or follow a rigid 10-step routine in order to achieve – and sustain – youthful, radiant skin. The fact is, when it comes to skincare products, it’s not about how many weapons you have in your arsenal but how effective they are. So make your 20s count by making some smart investments in powerhouse products that really do make a difference to give you plump, dewy skin. Here are our tips on the essential ingredients you should look out for when choosing your skincare products, to get glowing skin. Backstage Photos Showbit This article first appeared in Her World.

This article is originally published on Female Singapore.

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