Here’s Why We All Need A Targeted Skincare Regime

It comes as no surprise that we all want a clear, luminous and plump complexion but it is important to know that in order to achieve good skin, each and everyone of us will have to practice different skincare routines based on our specific skin concerns. And instead of using the same ol’ hydrating serum and cream time and time again, it may be time to add new products to your stash to help target other skin concerns that you are facing.  While serums do help to treat targeted skin concerns thanks to its high concentrations of active ingredients, ampoules may be the answer to quicker results and a more targeted solution.  Serums and ampoules are similar - we agree with that. But the latter contains higher concentrations of active ingredients and lesser preservatives, which explains why they are packaged for single use to ensure your skin gets the freshness of the ingredients for speedy and effective results. Here, we suss out the best ampoules to get for a more targeted nighttime treatment. 

This article is originally published on Female Singapore.

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