Skincare Instagram Accounts That Are Actually Educational And Worth A Follow

When it comes to the types of Instagram accounts we follow, there’s no shame in being visual creatures. We all love a beautifully curated feed. However, from time to time, we crave more. There’s no lack of beauty gurus and skincare-centric accounts on Instagram, but content-wise, they tend to be a little skint. However, dig below the surface and you’ll discover a treasure trove of Instagram accounts that go the distance and talk beauty and skincare in depth. Expect no-holds-barred product reviews, concise ingredient breakdowns and explanations, and a heavy dose of honesty sans drama. And for an industry that’s recently been mired in a slew of controversy, we’d say that’s a welcome change. Main Image : Instagram (@socialskinroutine)

This article is originally published on Female Singapore.

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