Supergoop!’s Holly Thaggard & Makeup Artist Nam Vo Spill Their Best Sunscreen Tips & Tricks

Supergoop! and their range of sunscreen has a reputable origin story and legacy. In 2006, a friend’s skin cancer diagnosis led Holly Thaggard to start a business plan and put the message of SPF in schools. They were the first brand to come up with an oxybenzone-free sunscreen formula. For those of you who spend a lot of time diving or in the waters, you might otherwise recognise it as reef-safe sunscreen. Supergoop! So it’s no surprise that when Thaggard and Nam Vo, the Queen of 'Dewy Dumpling Glow', came together to talk all things sunscreen, we took notes on these sunscreen tips. Makeup artist-turned-Instagram phenomenon, Nam Vo’s signature glow flooded the gates of the internet years back. Her three beauty tips are: SPF always, minimise the amount of stress in your life, and while people always tend to think her third and final tip is to drink plenty of water, it’s actually to cleanse. Even if she doesn’t wear makeup, she sticks to a religious regime of cleansing. “My mom has melasma and sunspots. Growing up, she traumatised me enough about sun-care so I always knew the importance of wearing SPF. I love the sun, but trust me if my home is burning down I’m going to take my SPF and my Dyson hairdryer and run!,” she says. As someone who’s been wearing sunscreen since she was three years old, it’s safe to say that Nam knows her fair share of tips and tricks when it comes to this skincare essential. Here are five sunscreen tips Thaggard and Nam share with us: Product Image Courtesy of Supergoop! Gallery Photos Showbit This article first appeared in The Singapore Women's Weekly.  

This article is originally published on Female Singapore.

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