Supermodel Status: The Transgender Models Changing The Fashion Game

It's not easy being a womxn – a term that includes non-cisgender women – and let alone, a minority. Not being seen as an equal and constantly being told that you're not living up to the typical standard or you're not deserving of opportunities. And sadly for those on the transgender spectrum, society often dictates how it's wrong to be themselves which can leave them, for the most part, suppressed and challenged with unimaginable mental, physical, or emotional struggles regularly. With that said, it's fair to say that fashion has continued to flourish and has become a wonderful platform that celebrates individuality and gives space for all womxn to rise to the top. Above, we put the spotlight on transgender models (and dare we say, icons), who are marking their legacies and changing the fashion narrative today – one strut at a time. Catwalk Photos

This article is originally published on Female Singapore.

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