These Dry Shampoos Are The Ultimate Quick Fix For All Hair Types

A bottle of dry shampoo is every girl’s secret weapon — whether you’ve had a day at the office and need a hint of scent for an important date, a midday touch up after a gym session or a volume boost after an expensive blowout. Ingredients like charcoal, clay and tapioca starch are some of the common oil-absorbing ingredients found in dry shampoos that work universally to refresh scalp by absorbing excess sebum and sweat that makes the scalp oily and weighs down hair. Skin on the scalp behaves like the skin on our body, so you have to take note of the needs and concerns of your hair and scalp type. For those with oily scalp, look out for ingredients that also help normalise sebum and moisture levels. And if your scalp is prone to itching and redness, try a dry shampoo that contains soothing ingredients to help calm any irritation. When using a dry shampoo (regardless of whether it comes in a spray or powder format), apply directly onto the scalp and rub it in gently to make sure the product soaks up excess sebum and sweat instead of just clinging onto your hair strands. These five grease-busting dry shampoos will extend the time between washes and have your hair looking as fresh as can be.

This article is originally published on Female Singapore.

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