Your Guide To Green Beauty (Plus Our Fave Plant-Derived Product)

#1: Check the ingredient list

If you are still unsure of what exactly green beauty products and brands are, it is really simple: each product is entirely formulated with ingredients that are found from plants. Some examples of such ingredients include plants extracts and oils from berries, nuts, seeds and flowers. So it is key to always double check the ingredients list to ensure only plant-derived ingredients are used.

#2: They should not contain parabens and other synthetic chemicals

Since they are made up of only plant-derived ingredients, green beauty products should not be formulated with any such chemically modified ingredients, parabens or any other toxic substances that may potentially harm the skin.

#3: Don’t expect instant results

Just like any other skincare product (it could be a serum, moisturiser or toner), it takes time for green skincare products to work on your skin. Make sure to apply it consistently — and properly — to achieve results. And since everyone’s skin is different, the duration of which results are obtained may differ from person to person.

#4: You can find some brands here in Singapore

If you prefer purchasing your products over the counter, Escentials have got a variety of brand to check out. Some brands include Bjork & Berries, May Coop and Kat Burki. Bonus: you can test it out on the back of your hand to get a better understanding of its texture too.

#5: But remember, don’t go overboard when buying

Unlike other skincare products, green beauty products usually come with little to no preservatives. What this means? It may not actually last as long. Thus, it is important to only buy what you need and check its shelf-life. Remember not to apply products that look, feel and smell funny as they may damage your skin further instead of treating, healing and nourishing it. Above are some green products you should get your hands on:

This article is originally published on Female Singapore.


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