Chaumet’s New Jewellery Line Of Medallion Necklaces Goes Big On Effortless Style

It doesn't take a pro at the French language to realise that Chaumet's Jeux de Liens collection is a line that's meant to be playful and casual. For the uninitiated, the name of this jewellery line of curvaceous X-shaped link motifs literally translates to "links games". The latest addition to the collection takes that effortless attitude a step further. Launching next month, this new series of medallion-style necklaces comprises a circular pendant made from two asymmetrical semi-circles. Joining the two parts together is the familiar X-shaped link that grounds every other design from Chaumet's Liens family.

Besides offering a multitude of stacking options, the new Jeux de Liens necklace line lets you engrave messages on the back of the medallions.

The inspiration behind the designs will speak to those attracted to the romantic appeal of jewellery. According to the brand, the two semi-circles are meant to evoke two individuals who are connected by a strong bond. Even if you don't buy such poetic spiel, you can't deny the line's casual everyday appeal and stackability. Plus, customers can also personalise a message or engrave names and dates on the back of the medallions. Available in a range of large, medium and small designs, the pieces include a stripped 18K rose gold medallion design or a more eye-popping pendant in red carnelian.

This article is originally published on Female Singapore.

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