Insider’s Picks: Best Diving Spots in Asia

Monad Shoal, Philippines


The stunning Monad Shoal is home to the elusive thresher shark, one of the few spots in the world where you can find the elegant creature, famously recognized by its interestingly tapered tail. Before the island established itself as a popular diving destination, the area was known simply for its stunningly wide beaches with breathtaking coral gardens.

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Cod Hole, Australia



The Great Barrier Reef is one destination that needs no introduction, and its iconic Cod Hole found itself international fame thanks to the huge, friendly fish. Aside from growing up to a massive two meters long, the cod continues to fascinate with its mournful expression which alters in almost human-like fashion. The fish is particularly popular amongst divers, often approaching unabashedly, hoping to be fed.

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Nudi Falls, Indonesia



Indonesia is home to countless breathtaking dive sites brimming with stunning, rare sea creatures, but the famous Nudi Falls is particularly noteworthy for its vibrant nudibranchs littered all over its grey sand slopes. If its moniker is not enough to hint at the intensely colourful patterns that you’ll come upon during your visit to this stunning island, the dive spot is also popular for being an extremely versatile dive spot.

Kapalai House Reef, Borneo Malaysia



Its neighbouring Sipadan often takes the spotlight but Sipadan-Kapalai Resort's house reef is a true diving gem by its own right. The stunning resort was built in a unique setup that has it entirely on stilts in the middle of the Celebes Sea. Thanks to the shallow sandy house reef, divers can enjoy macro-hunting dives in a long, leisurely fashion. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the rare blue-ring octopus, and the beautiful mandarinfish at sunset.

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