These Clever, Alternative Airline Safety Videos Went The Extra Mile



Not very long ago, a British Airways Safety video went viral for all the right reasons – with a hilariously star-studded series of ‘auditions’ including the most British actors imaginable from Academy Award-winning actor Chiwetel Ejiofor to iconic British chef Gordon Ramsay. The video was so British that even Mr. Bean had a starring role, concluding the tongue-in-cheek video with a typically Bean ending.

Of course, British Airways is not the only airline that has unleashed some out-of-the-box editions of your otherwise ordinary flight safety videos. Indeed, your ordinary videos often leave most airplane passengers bored and inattentive, arguing that they have perhaps watched the same gig over and over again. While that may be true, here are some other airlines have risen above the ennui, catching attention with inventive and exciting in-flight safety videos:

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What is this Wi-Fi that is available in-flight? Two passengers from the 1980s shrug at each other in confusion. Two women with bulky side ponytails sitting on either aisle agree that they best switch seats to avoid blocking the pathway. Smoking might not be allowed for the flight, but mullets sure are! In a hilarious throwback to the ‘80s, Delta Air released a cheeky alternative to your otherwise run-of-the-mill safety demonstration videos, and we can’t stop giggling.




This 2013 video by Virgin America brings a Glee-like musical to life, with American idol singer Todrick Hall singing, dancing and lecturing alongside a random cast that includes a talented crew from So You Think You Can Dance. In case you are wondering why the video is so awesomely choreographed, director Jon M. Chu of Step Up 2: The Street and Now You See Me 2 was hired to make this one happen. Like the video says it best, “Honey, zip your lips and enjoy the show.”

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In a stunningly imaginative video, American Airlines have created an interesting look at what flying might look like years from now. Aside from blue chairs with hands that will stow your handheld device for you as the plane begins its ascent, the video is more of a visually enticing take on the future of flight. Of course, current safety procedures still apply.




Find your ordinary in-flight safety videos a bit too monotonous? Enter Richard Simmons in Air New Zealand’s disco-style, aerobic safety video. Your pre-flight entertainment has morphed into a ‘70s disco scene, as Simmons, who rose to fame for his eccentric and energetic aerobic workout videos, takes you through the steps in a rather entertaining fashion. Well, as Air New Zealand titles it best, it is “Mile-high madness with Richard Simmons”!

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