Digital Detox Weekend At The Luxurious Alila Villas Soori



You’re always on your phone, always texting, checking your email and always scrolling through social media – right? You most likely said yes, and that’s completely understandable. Given today’s technology is rather ubiquitous, it’s hard not to engage in it. But it’s not all fun and games, because “using a cell phone or laptop before bed can disrupt the body’s production of melatonin and negatively affect sleep quality,” according to a study by Harvard Medical School scientists. The Public Library of Science even found that “the more time a person spends on Facebook, the more dissatisfied they ultimately feel with their own life”.

It’s not too late to switch off, though. If you find yourself being too absorbed in your digital devices, design and spa resort Alila Villas Soori can help, and you’ll find yourself feeling more refreshed than ever, with eyes anew at the world beyond the digital one you’ve grown used to. We’re talking about the June 17th – 19th Digital Detox Retreat, hosted by Lyndall Mitchell, Life Coach and Aurora Spa Founder. The Retreat is not about eliminating technology from your life; rather, it shows guests a healthier and more positive integration of technology in day-to-day life.

Enjoy special masterclasses including “Unplugged”, “Connect & Reflect” and “Hardwiring Happiness”, designed to alleviate tech overload and bring you from the basics all the way to your own, individualized Future Map.

Also, what’s a retreat without some proper pampering? Guests can also look forward to meditating, yoga, spas and delicious yet healthy food in this 3-Day/2-Night getaway in a one-bedroom pool villa. Relax, rejuvenate and rediscover the essence of being in touch, in a glorious journey to reconnecting with yourself and the real world.







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