How Are Hotels Using Technology to Improve Your Luxury Experience?


Check into any hotel today and having cold metal keys handed to you upon checking in might throw you off. With new innovation and emerging technology, you might expect more than an old-fashioned entry to your room. A current update includes a mobile keyless entry that Starwood Hotels launched in March, where Aloft chain’s 10 properties gave guests the benefit of entering their rooms with just a cell phone.

Of course, the introduction of effortless new ways one can enter their hotel rooms with the comfort of security is just the tip of the iceberg. On a whole, the hospitality industry is exploring the various ways in which upcoming technology concepts can improve the overall experience of their guests.

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Aloft Hotels' Botlr

An Aloft hotel in California has introduced an unlikely new member to their team of butlers. At three-foot-tall with a painted-on bow tie, Botlr made its official debut end 2014 to assist the front desk in case any towels, linens or cans of soda need to be delivered to guests, aside from other tasks. From keyless room entries and robots arriving at your door with fresh towels, technology is no longer just synonymous with added security and ways in which one reduces the likelihood of lost room keys. Aside from better operations and smooth running operations, new technology can build on current guest experiences, bringing seamless services and fascinating new practices.

“The appointment of Botlr will free up existing hotel associates’ time – particularly during very busy periods like check-in and check-out – by allowing them to create a more personalized experience for our guests while it handles small tasks and deliveries,” said Brian McGuinness, Senior Vice President of the Aloft brand in a statement.

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Starwood Hotels & Resorts' Let’s Chat

Likewise, Starwood Hotels & Resorts have a Let’s Chat 24/7 service that lets guests communicate their requests through WhatsApp, BBM, or iMessage instead of the old-fashioned calling the front desk.

Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Platinum Member Michel K. appreciates being able to engage with hotels the same way he communicates with friends and family. Indeed, SPG offers guests the convenience of making requests or queries anytime, from before your stay to after.

“Let’s Chat is very convenient and taking my travel experience to the next level,” says Michel.

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