No Expense Spared in Los Angeles International Airport’s Paparazzi Proof Private Suite


The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) can be an overwhelming experience, especially for high profile travellers who frequently deal with the horror of great crowds and shadowing paparazzi. Thankfully, the newly-built The Private Suite boasts a brand new gate into LAX, leading to an exclusive terminal far away from traffic and civilization.

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The Private Suite’s members will benefit from private TSA screening done within the very building, far away from crowded, main terminals. There won’t be long lines to the ticket counters, jammed concourses and no need for dealing with baggage. The typical distance you would take to reach the plane seat from first entering the airport is dramatically reduced, from approximately “2200 footsteps” to “70 footsteps”, say The Private Suite.

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Members wait in private suites equipped with a two-person daybed, a food-service pantry and of course, a private bathroom. Outside, a complete view of the runway allows for an exclusive look at aircrafts landing and taking off. Boarding time calls for a luxurious drive across the tarmac, directly to your aircraft. Suite options range from family room types to pet-friendly suites with an outdoor patio. There is also an option for an alcohol-free suite with prayer mats.


A full staff of eight will be assigned to each member of The Private Suite, taking care of a myriad of services including a secure entrance into the gated compound, special escorting to your suite and through private TSA screening, handling of any special service requests and the drive across the tarmac to their aircraft on BMW 7 Series sedans.

An annual membership fee currently costs US$7,500, with additional pricing packages for domestic and international travel. In case you are not ready to splurge on a brand new membership at The Private Suite, you can have trial one time visits at around US$3,500 - US$4,000 for each group of four. Alternatively, shared lounge services are also available for US$2,000 per person.

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