Meet the Man who has Travelled More Miles than Joseph Schooling has won


Joseph Schooling may have just won a million KrisFlyer Miles miles from Singapore Airlines, in addition to his very own Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Elite Gold card, on top of his million dollar reward for winning Singapore’s first ever Olympic gold, but he’s got nothing on Fred Finn.

With more than 15 million miles to date, the Guinness Book of Records has crowned the 71-year-old the most travelled person alive.

Finn, who is from Kent, England, has been to a staggering 139 countries to date and lists the now-defunct Concorde, which flew from 1976 to 2003, as his go-to vehicle. Benefits of being the world’s first commercial supersonic aircraft’s most-valued passenger, where he took a grand total of 718 flights (another world record), includes his very own seat, 9a, and being served food first.

The retired international license manager frequently travelled for business rather than pleasure, but not that he saw the two very differently.

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“It’s all been pleasure and all been business,” Finn said to Euronews. “I see it as a pleasure doing business and a business doing pleasure. I think airports are a buzz, the whole experience is exciting; gets the adrenaline going. I do enjoy flying, I’m in my domain.”

Finn even admits that he would be hard pressed to find a flight where he met someone entirely new.

“There won’t be a flight where I don’t know someone or they don’t know me. I ask the crew how they are and introduce myself. On a plane I’m in my own little world. I set my watch to the time of where I’m going, eat the right food etc. As long as I have a glass of champagne I’m fine!”

You might shudder to think of the severe jet-lags the man must have suffered throughout his long career flying endlessly around the world, but Finn believes there’s no such thing.

“It’s about dehydration, stress, and being tired,” he tells Loungebuddy, adding that it’s a good idea to close your eyes for a few moments at least once every half hour to let your eyes relax a little, and have some time to moisturize.

“You can feel it when your eyes are dry and heavy, so I take a little water spray with me and it makes an awful lot of difference,” he adds. “I’ve never had jet lag in my life, and I’ve flown across the Atlantic over 2000 times,”

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